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My name is Liz.

I was born and raised in the Hungarian countryside. After spending 4 years in the UK, I moved to Germany in 2014 and live here ever since.

I graduated as a Horticultural Engineer in Hungary, then I worked more than 15 years in corporate logistics management. As the years passed, I increasingly felt that I wished to do something that makes a difference in this world. I did not see how this could be achieved by sitting in an office, not being in control of my time.

This feeling grew inside me after my return from my first yoga teacher training in India. It was a truly transformative experience and there was just simply no way back to my old life after that. I realised, that teaching yoga is my true calling and inspiring others with my way of life can actually make a difference. I returned to my office chair however, and went on with my life, only dreaming about the changes to come.

While travelling to Thailand in 2018 for my aerial yoga teacher training, I got inspired again. Also, being hospitalised for 10 days with a bad case of dengue fever and having to recover from a liver damage caused by paracetamol overdose, made me question again: Why am I doing this?

I just stared death in the face, do I really want to return to the life that awaits me back home? Life is too short, why am I spending most of it by doing things that do not bring me joy?

I was desperate for a way out at this point, but as it often happens, financial commitments and paralysis by analysis got in the way.

I started to plan my possible exit however, taking it slow and reducing my office working hours, increasing my teaching activity. It did not do the trick. Teaching yoga, workshops, plus a demanding daytime job on top, resulted in overwhelm. I ignored the signals of my body for a while, I was always a maximalist and thought that I can juggle it all. I could not. I burned myself out completely and developed numerous physical ailments, all the results of chronic stress.

I finally listened to the loud screams of my body and made the step into the unknown. I left my corporate job and became a freelance yoga teacher in early 2019.

Was it scary? Yes indeed!
Did I regret it? Absolutely not!

Since I decided to fully focus on living my life to the fullest by supporting others, sharing what I do best: teaching yoga and sharing the knowledge of the healing power of herbs, I am much happier! I have a truly rewarding job that makes a difference. I work towards financial and time freedom, which gives me the strength and inspiration to stay on my path.

Yes, it means more working hours and less income for now, however, it is a truly rewarding job that makes a difference. I work towards financial and time freedom, which gives me the strength and inspiration to stay on my path in the harder periods. I am also surrounded by very supporting people, which I am very grateful for.

I hope my story inspires you, wherever you are on your life’s journey.


Great chill-out vibe! Melli
Liz's Yoga classes are simply wonderful. Dana
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