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Introduction to Essential Oils

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Since childhood I’ve been fascinated by nature, especially the healing power of plants. My mother and grandmother who both worked in health care, always inspired me to use natural remedies & herbs whenever possible before turning towards western medicine. Later I have studied horticultural engineering to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the plant world.

I’ve been using essential oils for more than a decade now. I discovered the dōTERRA oils in 2017 and using them daily ever since. Since the dōTERRA products impacted my health in a huge way, I have decided to become a Wellness Advocate to support others on their natural health journey.

Why dōTERRA Essential Oils?

Each dōTERRA essential oil is carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. More information on this here: Essential Oils Quality & Sourcing.

I have not found so far, any other essential oil company this transparent about what they put in their bottles. With the batch number on the bottom of each oil bottle you can look up the testing results of each oil. You can check personally online which harvest your bottle of oil comes from and that it is guaranteed 100% free of heavy metals, environmental toxins, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic fillers and completely undiluted. I personally use both internally and externally only such products, where I can be sure of its complete purity.

Apart from the exceptional quality standards dōTERRA’s social contribution also strengthened my loyalty and trust in them. They grow their plant material in the species original habitat and support the local farmers during production. You can find more information about their sustainable farming and their amazing work in the local communities here: Co-Impact Sourcing

Essential Oil Education & Free Consultation

Would you like to live a toxin free, natural, and healthy lifestyle?
Would you like to learn about how essential oils affect our brain and cells?

For the past 10 years I have supported my health naturally with herbs and essential oils.

In my educational program I introduce therapeutic grade essential oils, and their health benefits in an exciting and comprehensive way.

Book a free intro workshop / consultation, online or in person, for small groups or 1-on-1 here.

In case you and a few friends are interested, we can organise a group class with more specific topics, such as:
  • hormonal & endocrine health
  • liver & digestive health
  • emotional healing
  • chakras & yoga
  • weight management
  • musculoskeletal health
  • cooking and baking with essential oils
  • DIY class where we make our own personal care items together

Hosting a class

In case your friends, or family are interested in natural health, you can become a host for my workshop. We only need a room where people can comfortably sit together. I’m happy to come to your place and educate your group about natural health options. As an incentive, you receive a dōTERRA essential oil from me as a gift.

To apply for hosting a class, get in touch here.

Official dōTERRA websites

Here you can watch videos and find a vast amount of information about the health benefits and use of essential oils:
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