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Soap Making Classes

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Would you like to learn how to make your own natural bar soap?

I have created this class to teach you how to confidently formulate and make your own natural soap step by step.

What is included?
  • Soap ingredients
  • Soap moulds that you can keep (cardboard)
  • Education
  • Making your own 500g batch of soap
  • WhatsApp support after class for any questions
  • Printed handouts
  • Photos for social media

What will you learn?
  • Safety guidelines
  • How to calculate confidently the recipe of your soap (lye/oil ratio)
  • Make a basic soap batch of your own design


The course and the soap making itself will take up about 3 hours, but best if no one has to rush somewhere afterwards, as we might finish earlier or later, depending on how we progress.


Live classes are held in my home or a suitable venue on Koh Phangan in Thailand 1-on-1 or in a small group of maximum 3 people. The classes are also available online.

Equipment I will provide:
  • Safety goggles
  • Bowls, spatulas, utensils
  • Hand mixer
  • Kitchen scale
  • Soap ingredients
  • Soap moulds
  • Handouts, calculation worksheets

Equipment the participants provide:
  • Apron
  • Face masks
  • Rubber cloves
  • Long sleeve top that protects your arms
  • Playing clothes in case we get messy
  • Calculator or phone with calculator function



200g bio coconut oil/person3 EUR
100g bio shea butter/person3 EUR
200g bio olive oils/person4 EUR
50g NaOH/person1 EUR
100g distilled water/person1 EUR
Total ingredients/person12 EUR

Essential oils of your choice (doTERRA wholesale price):

Lemon, Lemongrass, Wild Orange11 EUR
Cedarwood, Eucalyptus14 EUR
Rosemary15 EUR
Grapefruit16 EUR
Tea Tree19 EUR
Peppermint21 EUR
Lavender23 EUR
Citrus Bliss24 EUR
On Guard35 EUR
Clary Sage36 EUR
YlangYlang42 EUR
Serenity44 EUR
It’s also possible to mix the oils half/half. One batch of soap will need a full bottle of essential oil for desired fragrance result.

Natural colour (5g, optional)
Pink/white/brown/clay, cocoa powder, spirulina (blue/green), turmeric (yellow), beta carotene (orange)
0.50 EUR
Dried ornaments (optional)
Dried flowers and herbs, seeds, fruits
0.50 EUR
Class price
(this cost is shared by the participants in case of a group)
90 EUR

Example calculations

As an example, the price of a class for a group of 3 comes to approx. to the following amount per person:

Ingredients12 EUR
Class price20 EUR
Colours/ornaments1 EUR
Essential oil~ 17 EUR (depends on the essential oil you chose for your soap)
Total~ 50 EUR

In case of 2 people:

Ingredients12 EUR
Class price30 EUR
Colours/ornaments1 EUR
Essential oil~ 17 EUR (depends on the essential oil you chose for your soap)
Total~ 60 EUR

For questions or bookings please get in touch.
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