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My Sustainable Yoga Mat

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Image: My Sustainable Yoga Mat
Today close to 20 million people practice yoga. While this number is great, considering the physical and mental benefits of the yogic lifestyle, it is rather daunting to imagine the same amount of yoga mats potentially lying at the bottom of landfills or in the ocean. Depending on the material, some of these mats may take hundreds of years to decompose, potentially releasing toxic substances into nature. Not to mention the release of these harmful toxins even while the mats are in use, seriously harming human health.

Although certain brands of yoga mats are made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, sadly there are still mass producers manufacturing cheap PVC mats.

As soon as I started teaching yoga full time, I knew that I would like to have a good quality, sustainable mat. Something that is natural, durable and supports a fair business. I have been looking for a long time, trying different things: synthetic but biodegradable, cotton, cork and natural rubber mats. I also asked in several online yoga communities what people would recommend. After a lengthy research period – I’m such a nerd - I came across Corcyoga.

Corcyoga is the creator of the world’s first 100% rubber-free organic cork yoga mat. A community of mindful travellers and yogis devoted to a sustainable lifestyle. This resonated with me right away, so I investigated it deeper, as I was worried if the cork trees are harmed in any way. I go my answers.

Cork can be harvested from the cork tree without harming or damaging the tree at all. Not only does the tree remain unharmed, but as the bark grows back; it absorbs three times more carbon dioxide. Under Portuguese law, cork trees have their bark shaved only every 9 years, allowing the trees to naturally regenerate. This natural process keeps the trees healthy allowing them to live up to 200 years.

Why cork mats are great for eco-conscious yogis?

These mats are 100% natural, fully biodegradable, and sustainably sourced. Cork’s honeycomb structure makes the mats naturally non-slip. The grip increases as you sweat. The suberian wax found in the cell walls of cork makes it impermeable to liquids and resistant to moisture. Cork mats are 100% chemical free and do not contain heavy metals or harsh hormone-disruptors. Cork is naturally resistant to dust & mites and has natural antimicrobial properties. It does not harm your health or the environment. Each lightweight mat is handmade and unique.

I believe, that with each choice we make we have an impact. Especially as yogis and yoga teachers we are examples to others, and we inspire by action. For this reason, I decided not only to have a Corcyoga mat, but to join their ambassador program. This means that if you decide to invest in a cork mat, you can use my discount code (LIZ20) to get 20% off. You can read more about the brand and browse in their online shop here:
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