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I received my degree in 2008 as a Horticultural Engineer, specialised in the cultivation of aromatic & medicinal herbs.

I have been supporting my health with herbs and essential oils for more than 10 years. Essential oils are an integral part of my yoga teaching practice since I became a certified yoga instructor in 2017.

I have created my essential yoga workshops to bring the worlds of yoga and science together for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Essential oils are powerful gifts of nature. High-quality essential oils can be used aromatically, topically, and internally and have been providing natural support for humanity for thousands of years.
Various aromas help to ground, balance, calm, relax the body and soul and activate various chakras. They help us to focus inwards and get connected to ourselves.

Each workshop ends with Q&A, where I can respond to individual needs.

In case you are a studio owner and would like me to bring my workshops to your community, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Find my workshop schedule here.

Essential Yoga Workshop - The Essence of Yin – Deep Emotional Release with Yoga and Essential Oils

This gentle yin yoga workshop focuses on emotional healing by relieving stress and anxiety through somatic experiencing at a deep fascia level, with the support of therapeutic-grade essential oils.
In this workshop you will learn more about the deep connective tissue of the body, how the 5 elements of Chinese medicine affect your physical and emotional well-being and how past traumas are stored in the body. I will explain how you can release stuck energy and tension from your body with the help of Yin Yoga asanas and healing aromas. Our gentle asana practice is followed by a yoga nidra session for complete relaxation.

Essential Yoga Workshop - The Power Essential Oils in Yoga

In this workshop you will learn how the oils can personally support you in your own yoga practice and your everyday life.
The workshop starts with a short introduction to essential oils and their safe use.
We begin with a gentle, meditative yoga session with elements of Hatha and Yin focused on relaxation and the connection to oneself. Essential oils are being used in various ways during the yoga class.
We close our session with guided meditation.

Essential Yoga Workshop - Chakra Balancing with Yoga and Essential Oils

The workshop starts with a short introduction to essential oils, their safe use and an introduction to the 7 main chakras of the human body.
We examine the activity of our 7 main chakras function with a crystal pendant, noting down our results in our workbook. This is followed by a gentle yoga practice, focusing on each chakra and using the corresponding essential oils to enhance our experience. Following our yoga practice, we consciously activate each chakra during a guided meditation.
After our meditation we examine any changes in the activity of our chakras and compare our results.
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