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Donation Based Online Yoga Classes

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Yoga teaching (and the whole world of course) is in the midst of a massive transformation. In these uncertain and challenging times, it is more important than ever to look after ourselves and maintain our physical and mental wellbeing.
Therefore, I offer the opportunity to practice yoga with me online via Zoom, in the safety of the home.

I have some studio classes, so if anyone would like to support a local studio, can register for these classes directly on the studio websites.

For my own donation based classes you can to contribute via my PayPalMe link:

All classes are recorded, and I can share the recordings with the participants for home practice purposes.

Perks and Challenges

Teaching online is a big shift for most of the teachers and students, both on the technical side and on the personal side.

Interaction between student and teacher is limited and sometimes can feel very one-sided. While teaching online I mostly can’t see my students. It sometimes feels like doing yoga to a blind camera in an empty room.

Also, a studio atmosphere and the therapeutic presence of a great teacher just adds so much more to a class. The teacher’s vibes can just tune students into the right vibration, ground and center them, by lending her nervous system to the students. In a studio there are no distractions such as pets, children or your spouse lurking around, asking for your attention. It is your uninterrupted time in your chosen place. It is also a challenge to give personal support and adjustment to the students, making sure that they are safe in the poses.

And of course, I miss my aerial silks!

There are definitely perks of teaching online though! I really love that I can do yoga now with my community all around the world, regardless of location - depending on the time zones of course.

For my early morning classes I can just roll onto my mat straight from the bed. Really, I just brush my teeth, jump into my yoga gear, fire up the technology and hit the mat!

Due to the current situation, I’m back to my meditation and own yoga practice – self care I haven’t had in a long time. This makes me much more centred & grounded.

Oh, I don’t have to be careful not to eat anything garlicky – no one can smell me through the camera, right?

Why Donation Based

This was a hard question for me before starting. To ask for payment with all the free offers out there is nearly impossible. It was also clear, that everyone should have access to yoga, especially in these times. But I had to consider, that my income suddenly came to literally zero with all the studios closing. So, after picking the brain of fellow teachers, I have decided on donation-based classes.

To everyone who hesitates to join: donation here really means that payment is optional.

If you have the means to donate a few euros after joining my class, I am more than happy for the support. However, if donating puts you under any kind of pressure, just let it go. You are very welcome to my class regardless. Also, there is no shame in any amount, it shows me, that you have me in your thoughts and heart. Everything is acceptable, I have no expectations.

I would like everyone to have access to yoga, regardless of their financial means. I will go on with these classes as long as I can. Not because I’m not impacted financially by the situation. I do it because this is my calling, this is my Dharma, this is what I am here to do in the present moment.

So, let’s practice yoga together online!

For my latest schedule see my Events page.
Attending Liz's Yoga classes is such a feel good time and releasing experience. Juliane
She has vast and amazing knowledge that she shares with the world. Eva
In short, amazing human. Himanshu