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Corporate Yoga

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What is corporate yoga?

I teach yoga classes or light stretching sessions to your employees in a meeting room provided by your company. My classes bring yoga & wellness to the workplace, to counterbalance the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle and working under pressure.
I create a custom program to meet your company’s needs, class start times and durations can be flexible. Mats and props can be provided, if necessary.

Why chose corporate yoga?

You can do something great for the well-being of your employees while increasing their focus and productivity. Yoga improves concentration, posture and musculoskeletal health, relieves stress, stiff neck and back pain.

Prices and payment options

A 60 minute class costs 75 EUR, a 30 minute class costs 50 EUR, regardless the number of participants under 15 people.

I offer options with full employee contribution (your company only provides the space), shared contribution and full employer contribution.

For more details and to set up a meeting please get in touch.
Liz's Yoga classes are simply wonderful. Dana
Very friendly, professional and interesting events. Dani
Looking forward to many more classes with her! Eva