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Aroma Yoga Workshop Series

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Aroma Yoga Workshop - Part I. - The Power of Essential Oils in Yoga

I received my degree in 2008 as a Horticultural Engineer, specialised in the cultivation of aromatic herbs, before becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2017.

I have created this workshop series to bring the worlds of yoga and of science together for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Essential oils are powerful gifts of nature. High-quality essential oils can be used aromatically, topically and internally and have been providing natural support for humanity for thousands of years.
Various aromas help to ground, balance, calm, relax the body and soul and activate various chakras. They help you to focus inwards and get connected to yourself.

In this workshop you will learn how the oils can personally support you in your own yoga practice and your everyday life.

The workshop starts with a gentle, meditative yoga session with elements of Hatha and Yin focused on relaxation and the connection to oneself. Essential oils are being used in different ways during the yoga class.

After our asana practice, you can learn about the safe use of essential oils and their benefits to your physical and mental health on an essential oil intro class.

Aroma Yoga Workshop - Part II. - Chakra Balancing with Yoga and Essential Oils

This workshop is the second part of the Aroma Yoga Workshop Series.

We start this class with a short introduction to the chakras, their role and we examine their function with a crystal pendant. This is followed by a gentle yoga practice, focusing on each chakra and using the corresponding essential oils to enhance our experience. We consciously activate each chakra during a guided meditation.
After our practice we examine any changes in the activity of our chakras.

Both workshops end with a Q&A session, where I can respond to individual needs.
Each participant receives printed information and a goodie bag with some samples to try at home.

The workshops of the series can be taken as individual courses as well.

For my upcoming Aroma Yoga Workshops please visit:

In case you are a studio owner and would like me to bring this workshop series to your community, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
She is a wonderful yoga teacher, emotional and a cat whisperer who loves doing handstands. Himanshu
Liz's Yoga classes are simply wonderful. Dana
She has vast and amazing knowledge that she shares with the world. Eva